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Elle Emerson

Booking Etiquette

Helpful information


I will send a text or email to confirm 12-48 hours before the booking. Please let me know if you prefer to make contact with me instead to ensure full discretion. I will send another confirmation an hour prior to the scheduled meeting time. 


Please shower before the booking however note I will request you to freshen up. Pleasure ensure foreskin(if have) is completely pulled back and washed thoroughly with soap twice. Please brush your teeth before the booking and then freshen up with mouthwash. If I am hosting, I will provide you with a fresh towel, soap, mouth wash, deodorant and mints. Please use all. For outcalls, I will bring mints and mouthwash. Please use both. 

Bumps and Lumps

If you have ANY bumps, lumps, redness or anything else out of the ordinary on your genitals or around your mouth. I MUST be told prior to the booking. I will ask for a photograph and then may request a sexual health test be completed depending on the circumstance. Please do not just turn up to the booking and tell me it is only skin tags, pearly penile papules or something similar. You will be refused service and no refunds will be given. I take mine and my clients health seriously. 


If you are wanting to film during the booking, this is something that must be discussed before meeting. If it is something you are interested in, it may provided as an extra service. It is illegal to film or photograph sex partners without their consent. This includes videos/photos taken 'just for personal use'. If you are caught with a hidden camera or taking images on a mobile phone, the booking will be immediately cancelled, no refund will be given and the police will be notified. This is a serious crime and very distressing to encounter. 



If you would like to share a glass of wine or another drink during the booking, please advise me beforehand and wait until I arrive to open the bottle. I will not drink anything that has been opened prior to my arrival. 


Booking Fee

Please leave the booking fee(minus deposit) in an envelope in clear sight either on the coffee table or bed. For those visiting my incall please place it on a bench or table as you walk in. If we are meeting in a public place please place the booking fee inside a book,magazine or something similar. 


Please know I do not discriminate against any disability but I must be informed of any physical or neurological disability before we meet so that I can prepare. This includes any mobility issues, severe ED, stoma bags, speech impediments etc. 


While I provide a list of services and experiences that I offer, please consider that list only a guide. What I feel comfortable engaging in is very much chemistry- and mood-dependent. Constant communication is required throughout a booking to ensure we are both comfortable. If you engage in any behaviour that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe during a booking, it will be immediately cancelled and no refunds will be given. I am not focused on being a service- or menu-based provider. I prefer that we enjoy authentic connection, chemistry and experiences. 

What is your cancellation policy?

All bookings of up to 2 hours require a $200 per hour deposit, which is non-refundable. All tour bookings and bookings longer than three hours require a 50 percent deposit, which is non-refundable. If sufficient notice is given for cancellation, the deposit may be transferable to another date. Depending on the specific circumstances, I can be flexible. Tour deposits, however, are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.

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