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Charm Elle Emerson

Wish List and Gift Ideas

I love receiving thoughtful gifts

Now that I've enchanted you, maybe you're looking for a way to charm me.

If you want specific gift ideas, I update my wish list regularly. Vouchers for day spas, hotels, and yoga studios (ask me which) are also excellent choices.

​If you prefer to surprise me, these are some of the things that tease my senses – and hopefully yours too.


When we meet, do you see me in a jaw-dropping dress that spotlights my curves, or something more casual, flowing and fun? Gift cards are always a good option when it comes to fashion – especially with clothing, since sizes vary from brand to brand. Even better, they give me a chance to surprise you. And you do love surprises, don’t you?

Some of my favourite stores include:

Of course, you might be more interested in adorning my sexy feet. My shoe size is 40/41, and a gift card or box from Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo will titillate your fetish for feet – and my fetish for shoes.


Do you enjoy tracing your fingertips up the seam of a nylon stocking? Maybe you prefer the pinch of a garter or the caress of lace. Lingerie is magical for both you and me. There is nothing like the touch of my favourite brands against my bare skin:

Again, gift cards are preferred – and one from a store like Baby Likes to Pony would allow me to choose from a number of brands – but if your heart is set on surprising me, my top size is 12B, my bottom is size 10 or M, and I perfectly fit a size M suspender.


I love the way Taittinger champagne dances and bursts on my tongue, but if you’re feeling bold and really want to spoil me, I won’t turn my nose up at a Dom Pérignon or Bollinger- La Grande Année.Of course, one cannot live on champagne alone. Here are a few more things that tickle my taste buds: 

  • Penfolds Bin 389 cabernet shiraz

  • Lindt dark chocolate

  • Strawberries (don’t forget the whipped cream) 

  • I'm a sucker for a French macaroon


Another mouth-watering treat would be a voucher to a fine dining restaurant. Japanese and Italian are my favourite cuisines, although I’m known to indulge myself on grilled Wagyu beef now and again.


Scents are powerful and evocative and my favourite fragrances are Byredo’s Gypsy Water or Carnal Flower EDP By Frédéric Malle  I also love luxurious candles to perfume my home – you can’t go wrong with Glasshouse or Ecoya candles.


If you want to surprise me with an aromatic bouquet of flowers, roses or orchids are perfect choices.


There is no greater gift than the laughter we share during a day trip, our intimate conversations over dinner, or the passionate music we create behind closed doors, except perhaps the sound of my aeroplane as it lands in your city and the anticipation of hearing your voice – again or for the very first time.

Why wait?

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