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Elle Emerson


Tall, gorgeous, nicely-shaped ass, funny and smart. Elle is just perfect for me.

I had been wanting to meet her for months, and when she announced her next tour to Singapore, I wasted no time in booking her. It was so comfortable being with her – and being in bed with her, damn! You will just want more!!!

Thank you so much, Miss Elle Emerson.


I can't speak for all men, but traditionally I see an escort because I want an escape from the mundane, a brief moment in time to feel like a king, have some fun, a purely self-indulgent experience and to have the luxury of indulging in carnal pleasures.

Elle Emerson represents the very best in courtesans. She is genuinely smart with a wicked sense of humour, warm, down to earth, articulate, confident, happy, kind, generous, deeply soulful and sexy as hell. The complete package and genuinely a step up from any other lady I have had the pleasure of seeing. Truly money well spent – cheap at twice the price – for what have now been multiple encounters that afforded me a completely all-engulfing sexual and personal escapade.

This is not an experience you will ever regret. We started with dinner and a few drinks. She knows how to make you feel at ease immediately with a beautiful smile and a gentle touch that lingers for just long enough to be suggestive and hint at how good those hands will feel later on your skin. Conversation is natural and free-flowing and Elle is naturally the focal point without dominating the conversation. She genuinely seeks to get to know you, but understands the impact she has on those around her. I was the envy of a number of men (and women) in the restaurant.

Conversation with Elle is a genuine delight and my loins stirred as the pleasure that lay ahead dawned on me. With dinner coming to a close, with some gentle flirting and touching as we finished dessert, we headed back to the room. The anticipation as we walked together built massively, as my excitement at the pending sexual encounter grew. The next couple of hours were mind-bending – the erotic ecstasy that comes when you are unaware of anything else except your own sexual pleasure and fulfilment.

Elle gave me the best fellatio I have ever enjoyed in my life. She knows how and when to tease, when to please and when to deepthroat whilst tickling and cupping your balls. The sensation of her tongue-work whilst enthusiastically swallowing my cock to the base is outrageous. This is a woman who knows how good she is at giving head and thoroughly (and selflessly) enjoys how much pleasure she brings to a man.

Elle's body and touch are truly remarkable – the greatest ass that God ever blessed a woman with. The joy of holding her close, the pure sense of delight as you slide your cock inside is one the most satisfying and thoroughly engaging sexual pleasures I have ever enjoyed. Whilst it was unrushed, the pace varied from slow and delicate to frenzied and frenetic. She knows just when to turn around and look you in the eyes as you pound from behind and scream 'fuck me harder' – enough to tip me over the edge as my whole body convulsed in erotic pleasure.

The close of our time together (after multiple rounds) was just as nice as the beginning. She just knows how to make a man feel special, as she is just as affirming with her words and kind nature as she is with her body when sits astride and kisses you passionately.

Do yourself a favour: book her. You only live once and you will never regret time in her company. A truly spectacular woman and an experience that will stay at the forefront of your memory for a long, long time...


Perfectly rounded ass, charming sparkling green eyes, sensitive silky skin, smart and easy conversation... Elle has all these qualities and much more! Our rendezvous was simply wonderful and just not long enough.

Don't miss her if she tours near you.


I don't know if my words will do this glorious woman justice... I've seen Elle a number of times over the past couple of months. She's addictive! I can't get enough of her. The first time I met with Elle, I made a short-notice booking with her to meet at my hotel. Communication was friendly, easy and prompt.

I'm very nervous as I head down to the lobby to meet with Elle, but when the elevator doors open and I see this amazing Amazon standing in front of me in a tight black dress and heels, she flashes me huge smile and embraces me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek... I'm instantly calm. She's so lovely and down to earth.

Elle is very tall, fit, and has the most perfect ass I have ever seen... Even better in the flesh than the pictures suggest. I won't go into details, but Elle is an extremely sexual, sensual woman. She fucks like a champion and never gets tired. Her fitness obviously pays off in the bedroom. I get so spent and I swear Elle seems like she could go for another few rounds with no problem...

And to top it off, after fucking my brains out and draining me dry, she gives me the best back massage ever. She's got seriously strong hands!

Meeting with Elle is an experience that just gets better each time. She's so charming, engaging, has the best laugh and is just all round a gorgeous girl. I look forward to seeing her again soon.


I've seen Elle a couple of times this year and plan to see her again soon. The first time, I made an impulse call to Elle mid-morning and secured a PSE appointment after lunch. I was nervous was hell, but managed to find her apartment and was greeted at the door by a tall brunette. She looked just like her photos and as she led me inside, my eyes fixated on her awesome arse. My nerves soon settled as Elle is very calm and down to earth. I felt very comfortable in her presence.

We got the business sorted and I headed for the shower. When I emerged, we got straight into it with some passionate kissing. The towel quickly disappeared and Elle swallowed me whole, all the while looking up at me with her gorgeous green eyes. I spun her around onto all fours so I could ogle her arse in the full-length mirror as I thrust myself into her mouth. By now, I was throbbing harder than ever and thought I was about to burst! I was very eager to taste Elle and spread her legs so I could lick and finger her pussy and arse, which I think she very much enjoyed! Elle politely asked me to fuck her, so we covered up and got underway with me on top. We swapped positions with Elle grinding herself to a very sexy climax on top of me.

I was dying to fuck her from behind, so we got into position and let ourselves go. I asked if I could fuck her beautiful butt and the answer was encouraging! I squeezed myself in before building up to a passionate explosion!!

We collapsed in a heap on the bed and started chatting. Conversation was easy and relaxed. I asked Elle if she could sit on my face one last time and she replied, 'Only if I can sit on your cock'. She climbed on and I lapped away at her pussy before she donned the cover and sat down on me. We were both watching the action in the mirror as I grabbed at her hard nipples and sexy arse and she grinded herself to another orgasm.

I rolled her onto her back and moved slowly inside her, building up pace until before I knew it I was pounding her like I'd never fucked a woman before. Her eyes rolled back into her head and I lost control.

We had gone over time but Elle was cool. We tidied ourselves up and said our goodbyes with a kiss and a cheeky arse grab.

In summary, a great punt with a clever, down to earth, sexy-as-fuck girl that I look forward to seeing again soon.


I had the privilege and honour of booking Elle Emerson for the first time while I was stopping over in Perth.

I must say, I was really impressed from the moment I called Elle by the lovely phone manner and nature of this beautiful woman. On arrival, I was greeted by the most beautiful, elegant, intelligent and charming woman wearing a light see-through nightie and the most stunning lingerie. I knew I was in for a treat. We started talking and getting to know each other – she is so easy to talk to and really interested in what you have to say. A very intelligent, gorgeous lady.

The business side of things was then taken care of and we proceed to the bedroom. I had a shower before returning to the bedroom to see the most stunning sexy woman in this sexy black lingerie with suspenders and stockings. I won't go into fine detail but will leave you to imagine. We made intense love to each other and I believe we both really enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Elle knows how to tease and build you up in every way. All I can say is that next time I'm in Perth I will be giving this lady a ring. She is an absolute sexy Goddess.

I'm just counting down the days till my next visit.



I have met this beautiful lady a few times since December. I was initially nervous but was immediately put at ease with Elle's relaxed demeanour. Clean and tidy apartment. Definitely not intimidating.

I love her giggles. I love her intelligent conversation. I love her physique. Just a good soul in general


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